Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Study: Assessing Reading Habits of University Students in Bangladesh


  • Nusrat Jahan Lecturer, Green Business School, Green University of Bangladesh
  • Md. Aliur Rahman Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Communication, Green University of Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Golam Mohiuddin Assistant Professor, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh
  • Ahmed Al Mansur Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Green University of Bangladesh
  • Ahsan Habib Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Green University of Bangladesh
  • Md. Shamim Mondol Assistant Professor, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh



Reading Habit, Lockdown, Covid-19, Online Reading


The world has been shaken and normalcy has been  stifled due to Covid-19 pandemic leading the affected people to adapt to, adopt new ways of life and reconstitute habit inviting activities other than those previously practiced. Reading habits of university students have been affected adversely by the unprecedented pandemic. While the students, during this period being distanced from the regular academic environment, have opted for alternative engagements, the time for reading and number of books covered have dwindled remarkably. This article examined the changed dynamics of both academic and nonacademic reading habits of the students at public and private universities in Bangladesh. Data were collected from 700 students through a questionnaire using Google form. The results show that reading habits have been adversely affected during this pandemic as 44.6% students read books only 1-2 hours whereas 57.4% of them spend 5-6 hours using electronic devices for multiple purposes mostly other than reading. This study recommends developing a strategy by the concerned authority starting from the state level to institutions to attract the learners and facilitate learning online with a rich and reliable reservatory of study materials with easy accessibility.


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Jahan, N., Rahman, M. A., Mohiuddin, M. G., Mansur, A. A., Habib, A., & Mondol, M. S. (2021). Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Study: Assessing Reading Habits of University Students in Bangladesh. International Journal of Social, Political and Economic Research, 8(2), 327-340.