The Hagia Sophia and the Other Turkish Locations in Agatha Christie’s “Murder On the Orient Express”


  • Ajda Bastan Asst. Prof. Dr., Sivas Cumhuriyet University Translating and Interpreting Department Sivas/Turkey, Orcid:0000-0001-8171-8644



Agatha Christie, the Hagia Sophia, Murder on the Orient Express, Istanbul, Turkey


British author Agatha Christie, who is one of the best-selling novelists in world literature, is the pioneering figure of detective fiction. Christie, the queen of mystery, wrote about eighty novels during her life. A great number of the author’s books were also adapted into movies. Viewed as one of Agatha Christie's most noteworthy accomplishments, the novel Murder on the Orient Express was released in 1934. It is highly believed that Agatha Christie wrote this novel during her long stays in Istanbul. The story is about a Belgian detective investigating a crime that occurred on the train. In Murder on the Orient Express many places and locations related to Turkey are mentioned. These are the Sainte Sophie (Hagia Sophia), the Orient Express, the Taurus Express, Nissibin, the Cilician Gates, Istanbul, Konya, The Bosporus, the Galata Bridge, The Tokatlian Hotel, Smyrna, Taurus and Hayda-passar. The novel starts with the completion of Hercule Poirot's investigation in Syria at the Aleppo train station. Poirot goes to Istanbul via the Taurus Express, where he wants to take the Orient Express to London. In fact, Poirot wants to make a few days’ holiday in Istanbul and visit Hagia Sophia.


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