Commercial Films in Bangladesh: Impact Analysis (2009-2019)



Commercial Films, Bangladesh, Impact, Analysis


After the independence of Bangladesh (1971), new generation film development making take a place.  Bangla commercial films can be divided before liberation, post liberation and modern era. Before liberation era; A. J. Kardar, Zahir Raihan, Khan Ataur Rahman, were the commercial Bengali film makers. During the Post liberation time, we have some extra ordinary movies like  Sareng Bou (1978), Surjo Dighal Bari (1979) and so on. But in the modern era definition of commercial film has got a change. From 2009 to 2019 Bangladeshi audience got difference in commercial films. But having DT (Digital Technology) and other advancement given a development of Bangladeshi commercial film. But story making, acting, making, socialization and other things are gradually developing in Bangladeshi commercial films. This research will evaluate prospects and challenges of Bangladeshi commercial films from 2009 to 2019. However further research is recommended to develop making of Bangladeshi commercial films in respect of lifelike story, cultural dissemination and so on.


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