A Study on the Dimensions and Factors of Language Registers: Underprivileged People in Focus

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  • Ayesha Akter Graduate Student, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh Email: ayeshata2000@gmail.com
  • Marzia Mahjabin Graduate Student, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh Email: mehjabinraka7188@gmail.com
  • Umme Hani M. Joher MPhil (ELT) Researcher at Dhaka University, Email: hanijoher2018@gmail.com
  • Mohammad Golam Mohiuddin Assistant Professor, Department of English , Green University of Bangladesh, Email: mohiuddin@eng.green.edu.bd




Keywords: register, language pattern, underprivileged people


Investigating the dynamic interplay of language registers, the study explores how language adapts to an array of situations, contexts, purposes, and audiences. The study researches into the intriguing realm of everyday language diversity, where word choice, tone, and even body language shift between informal chats to formal interviews. The findings share the nuances of language adaptation, emphasizing the when and why behind these language shifts. Employing a mixed-method approach, through a triangulation process, 20 underprivileged, low-income individuals (tea sellers, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, Laguna drivers, and security guards) in Dhaka city’s Mirpur area, were surveyed, observed, and interviewed. The findings unearth the intricacies of language's malleability in social interactions illuminating the varied nature of language in daily life, paving the way for further investigations into register patterns across various occupations.




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