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Economic zoning is a grouping of the territorial division of labor into general, interconnected economic zones. Economic region - formed because of the territorial division of labor, specialization and integrated development of the economy of each other part of the country. Economic zoning played an important role in planning the economy of individual parts of the country and the prospects for their development. In Kazakhstan, the territorial division of labor, transport, the industry of specialization of the productive forces in the country, parts of the country that are effective in developing domestic economic and geographical developments and influenced the growth of the country's economic regions. The well-known scientist N.N. Baransky divided territories of Kazakhstan into five economic zones depending on economic geographic characteristics: Central Kazakhstan, Eastern Kazakhstan, Western Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan, Southern Kazakhstan. The economic zone of North-Kazakhstan is in a favorable economic and geographical position. In the north it borders on the Urals and Western Siberia. On the territory of the district pass the railway Big Siberia, Middle Siberia, Southern Siberia and Trans-Kazakhstan. These roads connect North Kazakhstan with Central Kazakhstan and the Urals, Kuzbass, and will allow them to travel to the regions of Europe, Asia and Southern Kazakhstan. Through the Irtysh River, they can contact the non-ferrous metallurgy of Altai and the Russian oil and gas-bearing field in Western Siberia. North Kazakhstan is the main grain, meat, and dairy cattle breeding complex in the country. Along with the agro-industrial complex in North Kazakhstan, iron ore, bauxite, coal, asbestos, gold, etc., and the metallurgical industry associated with the melting of aluminum, ferroalloy, mining and ore enrichment are developed. The transition to a real market economy, the resettlement of the capital, the tourist and recreational zone of the concentration of the North Kazakhstan regions, the economic, recreational, industrial and agricultural development of the tourism industry with the development of efficient use of resources to improve the socio-economic status of the population, to identify opportunities for improving the economy of the region today.


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