Musical Analysis, Beauty and Spirituality of Selected Bandishes (Compositions) of Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan


  • Samarpita Chatterjee Mukherjee Research Scholar, Department of Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal) Sangit-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, Birbhum-731235, West Bengal, India.



Bandish, Composition, Latafat Hussain Khan, Indian Classical Music.


The musical structure, as well as the lyrics of the bandish (composition), have an integral relationship with the performance of the composition by a vocalist or musician. Although Classical Music is primarily a performing art, it incorporates literary and poetic contents, which makes it more impressive, intriguing, and engaging to one's heart. The genre of classical music has been enriched by the creative work of several composers of Indian Classical Vocal music. Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan was one of the stalwart musicians of the Agra style of Indian Classical music. He was not only an eminent vocalist but also created many bandishes under the pseudonym ‘Premdas.’ This present writing presents the actual meaning/semantics of the bandish, inner meaning or philosophical essence and the spiritual/religious perspective portrayed by the composer in three of his selected Khayal bandishes. By presenting the notation of these bandish, in the concerned raga, the embedded melody format, beautification of the taal and laya (rhythm and tempo) with the help of Swara (voice sound/ tone) and lyrics (Bol) by the composer has been analyzed. The reflection of characteristics of Agra style in the bandish has discussed. For the study, personal interviews of eminent musicians and existing pieces of concerned literature had been consulted. It may be said that the analysis of these bandishes of Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan made it evident that they bear the signature of his skillful ability and his uniqueness as a vibrant composer.


হুসেন খাঁ, উস্তাদ লতাফৎ। (১৯৭৬)। [লাইনার নোটস]। LP ECSD2759, এ জেম অফ আগ্রা ঘরানা । ভারত : গ্রামোফোন কোম্পানি।

ওয়াডে, বনি সি। (১৯৯৭)। খেয়াল: ক্রিয়েটিভিটি উইদিন নর্থ ইন্ডিয়ান ক্লাসিক্যল মিউজিক ট্রাডিশন। নিউ দিল্লি : মনোহরলাল পাবলিশার।

ঘোষ, তাপসী। (২০০৮)। প্রান পিয়া : উস্তাদ বিলায়ৎ হুসেন খাঁ । নিউ দিল্লি : আটলান্টিক পাবলিশার্স।

মুখোপাধ্যায়, কুমারপ্রসাদ। (১৯৯৪)। কুদ্‌রত্‌ রঙ্গিবিরঙ্গী। কলকাতা : আনন্দ পাবলিশার্স প্রাইভেট লিমিটেড।

মুখোপাধ্যায়, কুমারপ্রসাদ। (২০০৩)। খেয়াল ও হিন্দুস্থানী সঙ্গীতের অবক্ষয়। কলকাতা : দে’জ পাবলিশিং।



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