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  • MAHAMUDUL HASSAN Department of International Relations, Jahangirnagar University
  • ASHOK BALA Department of International Relations, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University.



India, Bangladesh, Border, Killing.


Bangladesh and India, geographically two neighboring friendly countries located in the South Asia. The total length of border is about 5138 kilometers with 4427-kilometer land border and 711-kilometer water border. Bangladesh has 4,096-kilometer common border with India. Bangladesh has 32 border districts whilst India has five border provinces. Bangladesh and India both the countries have bilateral issues from the emergence of them. The economic relations between two countries is growing rapidly since the early 1990s. Amongst various issues between these two countries, border issue has come in the front line, because of the smuggling, human trafficking and border killing by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF). In 2013, US based news agency “Global Post” opines that the border line between Bangladesh and India is the worst border line in the world. They are showing uncontrolled behavior in the border line by killing, abducting Bangladeshi people, violating human rights and offence relating to push-in etc. This is an interesting issue for research for finding out the reasons for mass killing of civilian even though the two countries claim to be in friendly relationship at least after creation of Bangladesh.


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